Nov 12, 2009

One will bring to the second.

Sometime ago,
the girls planned a gathering for the boyfriends.
it took us less than a week to come up with where and what should we do,
but as usual, we did not really stick to the plan either.
so next time we can just skip the planning.

The five of us girls are all happily attached to our beloved sweethearts
both Veronica and me are currently having long distance r/s
Not forgetting Nisa too.
But despite the distance, we're all still deeply in love with our boyfies.
We'll prove to those who says stuff like " Long distance relationship wont last " blablabla
that it does last
& absence really do make the heart grow fonder.

And it happened!
the gathering of the boyfriends.
Lin & Yao , Jessica & David , Me & Dominic/SK and Veronica.
Veron's boyfriend will be reserved for our second boyfriends' gathering!

It was pretty ackward for the boys during the dinner at Winter Warmers'
but later during our bowling sessions,
indeed it got alot better.
I guess the balls were the best ice breaker ever.
Of course bowling balls could break ice right? Why didnt we thought of that?
Oh god, ignore me.

Our next gathering would be the day trip
to Bukit Merah Laketown Waterpark! :D
which would be end of this month.

two weeks,
fourteen more days,
all this killing feeling will just fade away,
the moment when the lovebirds meet.
Baby, I miss you tonnes. (:
Cheer up baby dear.
We'll go visit Jean together next month ok? Love you.

Pictures as promised.

My 20th birthday dinner at home. 

#1. Sweet & Sour Crab.

#2. Cheese Coated Crab

#3. Fried Mantou

Dim Sum as morning Breakfast.

#4. Fooooooooood.

Kite Flying Moments

#5. Baby trying to make the kite fly into the skyyyyyy.

#6. Finally, its up in the sky!

Cousin sister's 7th Birthday Bash.

#7. She's the little one in the middle! *pinch*

#8. Yes, food again. LOL.

Lin's , Nisa's and yours truly's Post Birthday Cash! Ops, its Bash. :D
Venue : Rasa Sayang Apartment, Batu Feringghi

#9. Our luggage for one day. Hahaha.

#10. Thanks Veron for baking us such a pretty & delicious cake!

#11. Registering for our room. From left : Jessica, Veron, Nisa & Lin.

#12. Dearests!

#13. Camwhore time!



#14. Veron driving my car to our so called mystery plan the next morning. See my cute babies on my dashboard! :D

#15. It was Jess's favourite, karao-kie!

Boyfriends' Gathering!

#16. Yours truly & Veron darling.
#17. Lin & Jessica with their " Ta Po Lang " :D

#18. Here's a picture of lenglui picture of her and her "friend"

Camwhore moments with bii.

#19. Yes, we're at the petrol station.

#20. See the similiarity? PURPLE!

#21. He's trying to pose a lala post, which obviously failed. But heck cares, I look good, enough la!

#22. *Pinch baby!*

#23. We can just camwhore anywhere kan?

#24. And the popular close-eyes-to-act-cute pose. :X

#25. And i shall present you our first couple tee! teehee. Jealous? Go buy one la...

Prepare yourself for the super duper hot picture below :P

#26. Kiss!

Oct 26, 2009

20th Birthday Bash.

This is a birthday bash with my girlfriends
Veron, Lin and Jess planned a surprise party for me and Nisa.

how sweet right? :)

My birthday is on the 4th and Nisa's on 1st, both on Oct.
And we're officially twenty! 

I was suppose to blog this like last week,
cause we had the party last wed till thu.
like usual, I'm a very busy person.

more like lazy to blog. hahaha.

Anyway, I'm blogging already now
so quit complaining.

We booked a room at Sri Sayang Apartments, Batu Feringghi.
cut long story short,
we partied, dranked, talked, played cards, gambled, karaoke-ed and laughed real hard.
basically it was like a stress-releasing overnight for all of us.

Thanks Veron for baking the wonderful orange&lemon cake for us,
and not forgetting Jess and Lin for making it a success.
We're truly touched, deeply-truly-deadly-whateverly. :D

I'm rushing out for dinner, 
will upload with pics when i'm back.
maybe pics from baby's previous trip
& my baby cousin's 7th birthday bash too! 
Stay tuned. :)

Oct 15, 2009

14 year old addicted to sex after rape.

A FORM Two student has confessed to becoming a sex addict after she was raped by a 40-year-old man.
The girl started having multiple partners and would even have sex with up to eight students at the same time.

The sexual acts took place mostly in the storeroom of her school, Metro Ahad reported.
The girl, who only wanted to be known as Roslina, said she lost her self-esteem after the rape.

She started skipping school, smoking, drinking alcohol and having more and more sex.
She claimed that a police report was lodged against the rapist but he was never arrested.
The sexual encounters went on for four months before she and her sex partners who were caught in the act were expelled from the school.

I wonder why are rapist so inhuman?
They never realize how much impact they would put on a innocent girl just after one night.
I despise the government for not giving those found guilty death sentence.
Whats the rationale of sending them to jail and releasing them years after? 


from now onwards,
i wont be bloggin about my daily life for sometime.
reasons being,
i've too much to blog
but too little time.

previous trip of the boyfriend was
nine days. yes, 9! :)

so am i gonna stop blogging?
but will only be updating about news
which i wanna share with my readers.

to kick start all this,
i wanna enhance you guys with this news.

Forget the gifts and cake, the only thing the world's smallest man wants for his birthday is true love … and to be officially recognised by the Guinness World Records.

Khagendra Thapa Magar has spent a week celebrating his 18th birthday with friends and family at his home near the Himalayas, Britain's Telegraph newspaper reports.

Mr Magar stands at just 60cm and is shorter than the current holder of the world's shortest man record, He Ping Ping, who is just 73cm tall.

But Mr Magar, who is trained as a dancer and weighs just 4.5kg, has not been able to be considered for the title because teenagers are not eligible.

He said now he was 18 he wanted to be recognised by Guinness — and also find a wife who was as tiny as him.

"When I am officially recognised as the smallest man in the world, I expect to get lots of proposals," he was quoted as saying.

"It is my dream to have four children."

Mr Magar has become a local celebrity with politicians supporting his campaign to be included in Guinness while his family say he was always going to become a star.

"I admit that at first I was ashamed of him and would not leave the house, but now I only feel pride and am desperate for him to be named as the tiniest man in the world," his mother Dhana Maya Thapa Magar said.

Added from The Star, published today in World Page 40,
When he was born, he was so small he could fit in the palm of your hand.

" I want to find a wife as small as me "

" Being small like me is no fun as a boy, but as a man I will be special "

So, be thankful, yes? :)

Oct 3, 2009


Yes, he's here again! :)
happy sangatttttt.
he reached yesterday afternoon.
 so yea, will be busy till he's back to Klang.

yesterday was my bestie, Aijia's wedding.
& today is my friend, Veronica's one year anni with her boyfie.
& tomorrow is my big big day!

Although this year,
I don't have much planning for my birthday.
My college friends are not in Penang.
Monday is the opening of new semester.
I know, 

its all so sucky.
I was actually just hoping for my birthday to just pass,
Cause i dont bother celebrating at all.
but, the boyfriend came to make things all better. =]

Thanks baby.

We have yet to decide what should we do tomorrow,

its either,
watching the sunrise,
jogging in the park,

going to Bukit Merah Water Park,
everything above. hahaha.

We shall see how it goes.
He's sleeping, wadda hell rite? 
I know. -.-
But its sweet of him to ask me to wake him by 11.30pm
cause he wanna wish me at 12. 

We had our dinner at Tambun.
Its this seafood restaurant.
Tomorrow there'll be another dinner!
Dad will be cooking,
FYI, my dad used to be a chef
Menu for the night would be :

Cheese crab, 
sweet&sour crab,
mashed potato,

& wine!

Sep 27, 2009

Reading is my new hobby.

Since I have another one week of holiday,
instead of being a no life and online everyday.
I found a new hobby, which is reading.

I use to read quite alot during high school,
until college activities took most of my time that I have to let go that hobby of mine.
Now, I shall reincarnate my old hobby.

The books I'm currently reading are :
1) The Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding Men and Women by Lillian Glass.
2) The Teenage Girl's Survival Guide by Yvonne Collins and Sandy Rideout.
3) The Great Big Book of How to Study by Ron Fry.

It is actually a nice and educational way to spend your time reading.
I know there are some blogger friends of mine who reads too,

Belle and Ping Shien. =]
Any others who reads too? Any great books to introduce?

I will summarize and rate those books above once I'm done with it.
Back to my books. See ya'll.